Symbaroum - Atlas of Secrets

Session 3 - Twilight Crossroads


Following up on their experiences in Davokar, the explorers arranged a meeting with the Ordo Magica. Master Eufrynda met them within the Ordo’s tower in Thistle Hold. From her they learned of The Watchful Eye and provided first-hand information on their delve into the Ossuary of the Watchers. The master wizard stressed interest in continuing to work with them once she had more leads from her field agents. In the meantime, she had a small errand for them which involved transporting a boxed item from Kodomar’s Huckery Blackmoor back to her.

After arranging travel to Blackmoor in the form of a cart, Kristomei learned their driver was having trouble getting residence within Thistle Hold. He offered 5 thaler to help the effort, in return for future use of the driver when needed. The explorers saw several Black Cloak wagons heading south around the same time, and exchanged rumors with their driver about them.

After the short travel across the rolling landscape of Narugor, they arrived in Blackmoor and made for the Black Square in the center, the location of Kodomar’s Huckery. Rygal happened upon an old contact from his hometown, a man by the name of Artolo. Down on his luck, Artolo seemed embarrassed by his current situation of living in the Garbage Heap district. Rygal offered him a few thaler to hopefully turn things around.

Kodomar was as described, a large outspoken barbarian trying to sell anything and everything. After spending some time inquiring about his wares, the explorers produced their official writ from Eufrynda and requested the item for transport. Securing the crate in Donk’s over-sized pack, the group started their return to Thistle Hold.

Prior to leaving Blackmoor, they noticed Artolo trailing them, seemingly wanting to talk further. Rygal met with him again in private and learned that Artolo’s sister, Brilda, was missing, and he seemed to be in some sort of trouble with a man by the name of Red Eye.

The explorers started asking around the Garbage Heap and eventually questioned Red Eye himself. The cripple offered little information, although Dragoi noticed an oddly rancid smell in the tent, and after quick observation, realized the wooden slats inside the tent were concealing something beneath. Red Eye seemed to have many supporters within the masses paying the group a lot of attention, concerning Kristomei about an ambush or a setup. With the information gained, they returned to Artolo and confronted him about what he was hiding. He fessed up that Red Eye took care of the forgotten people of the Garbage Heap, and in return asked for prayer to something called Ragama. After returning the crate they were sent for, Rygal agreed to return and help out where possible.

Back in Thistle Hold the group provided Eufrynda with the crate she requested, and asked questions about the name Ragama. Learning nothing of note, they decided to return under the cover of night and do further investigation. Entering Blackmoor in disguise, they infiltrated the Garbage Heap and were able to gain a discreet view of Red Eye in his tent stuffing a passed out body under the floorboards.

Jumping into action, Rygal, Donk, and Dragoi stormed the tend, while Kristomei took up a distant position. With a blade to his throat, Red Eye continued to be non-forthcoming with information, so Dragoi pulled up a floorboard, expecting to find a tunnel. Instead, he immediately faced a bloated abomination festering in an earthen pit, and screamed as corrupted larvae burst from his arm. Many Garbage Heap inhabitants started moving to the defense of Red Eye as all of this was going on, but were set back by arrows in the dark from Kristomei.

With the revelation that an abomination was in the city, Rygal tossed Red Eye into the pit as Dragoi blasted brimstone fire over and over again, killing Red Eye in the process. Donk reached up and pulled the tent down into the pit just as the abomination began to pull its way up. The fight spilled into the open as the blight beast advanced. Donk and Rygal held it in vicious hand to hand combat while Dragoi continued his torrent of brimstone and Kristomei worked to keep the cult followers from swarming them. Eventually the beast was slain, the cult dispersed, and the group faced many questions from the Blood Robe mercenary guards of Blackmoor. Rygal took command of the situation, tossed accusations, and was able to prove their vigilance. Artolo learned of his sisters likely disappearance within Red Eye’s tent, and her ultimate fate as a feast for the blight beast.



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