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  • Levindra

    Levindra is an accomplished treasure-hunter operating out of Thistle Hold. She lead the players on their first adventure into Davokar, in search of the city of Marqash and any riches within. She was quite shaken after seeing the blighted …

  • Lasifor Nightpitch

    Lasifor Nightpitch is the unthreatened ruler of Thistle Hold. As Prince of the Realm he has the authority of a duke over all who live and work in his walled domain, meaning that he literally has power over life, death and all things in-between.

  • Yagaba

    The Zarekian witch Yagaba is the constant shadow of the Mayor, as well as his body guard and friend. She is rarely seen without a handful of black-feathered storm arrows floating by her side.

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