Welcome to Symbaroum. Or, to be precise, welcome to the region that in ancient times was ruled by the civilization of Symbaroum; an empire that by all accounts was advanced in the areas of architecture, spirituality, magical schooling and the arts; a culture that without doubt suffered a both rapid and brutal downfall.

Many are those who have arrived at Thistle Hold hoping to win wealth, glory and fame by plundering the ruins of the long lost empire of Symbaroum. Most will never leave town or are so ill prepared that they quickly have to turn back; most of the rest will reach their targeted site but never return. Despite this, the stream of fortune hunters never seems to dry up, probably because the few who actually make it all the way in and out often do so lugging a veritable fortune.

“…such is the blight beast: born of flesh, twisted by sins, lingering in water, and soil, and shimmering air; the sin of Symbar embodied.”

Symbaroum - Atlas of Secrets

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