Symbaroum - Atlas of Secrets

Session 1 - Lost Currents


The explorers each registered with Mother Mehira’s Agency in Thistle Hold. Under this contract, they were hired by the treasure hunter Levindra for an excursion into Davokar. The group, eight in total, set out several days later.

  • Levindra (Ambrian Female) – Treasure-Hunter
  • Kristomei (Ambrian Male) – Ranger
  • Dragoi (Ambrian Male) – Wizard
  • Rygal (Ambrian Male) – Captain
  • Donk (Ogre Male) – Berserker
  • Varia (Ambrian Female) – Fortune-Hunter/Sellsword
  • Baro (Ambrian Male) – Fortune-Hunter/Sellsword
  • Ylia (Goblin Female) – Fortune-Hunter/Scout

Ten days of travel, where they encountered fairies, barbarians, and natural dangers hidden in the dark forest, found them at the ruins of a city known as Marqash. Though once known for its network of canals, what little remained was a small collection of ruined structures and a few overgrown wet ditches.

It was determined that an old tower, three stories tall and still barely standing, would function as base. After running the flock of violings that had taken up nest within, the explorers dug in and made camp.



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