Symbaroum - Atlas of Secrets

Session 2 - Ossuary of the Watchers


After setting up camp in the ruined city of Marqash, the explorers woke to find the fortune hunter Varia missing, dragged into the overgrown canals during the night. Setting out the find the abductor, they encountered three Kanaran, the corpses of which produced high quality scaly skin as well as the grim remains of their party member.

Exploration unearthed a hidden staircase leading into the ground. Within they found a large room decorated with neatly arranged rows of bones and skulls; each having a cuneiform celestial symbol carved into the forehead. Three sarcophagi sat in burial vaults, the skeletal remains wrapped in cloth and wearing a smoothly carved thin stone mask with a third eye instead of a mouth. It was learned that these masks burned the face when worn, but offered the ability to see through darkness.

Beyond the large room were three libraries lost to time, though several bronze copper plates were recovered. Each appears to be covered in religious symbols relating to the movement of the sun, the moon, and other celestial bodies. After making rubbings of the plates, spirits of the undead attacked from the bones; their wraith claws draining the soul with each swipe. Ylia, the goblin fortune-hunter, was found dead from these assailants.

A secret room was located, hidden behind several well concealed doors. Originally covered in intricate geometric patterns, a desecrating rite had been performed; making the room stink with corruption. Unable to resist the gnawing darkness within him, Baro was transformed into a hulking abomination of thick ropy tendrils. Though hard fought, the explorers were victorious against the blight born.

With full coffers and heavy spirits, they returned to Thistle Hold to gain their payment and a chance to relax from their time in Davokar. It was learned that their patron was none other than the Ordo Magica themselves, and future opportunity was to be had if they were willing.


Full coffers? Hhmmm, seems we can do better!


Technically were mostly full of snake skin.


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