Ogre Berserker


Race: ?
Traits: ?
Accurate ?, Cunning ?, Discreet ?, Persuasive ?
Quick ?, Resolute ?, Strong ?, Vigilant ?
Abilities: ?
Weapons: ?
Armor: ?
Defense: ?
Toughness: ? Pain Threshold: ?
Equipment: ?
Shadow: ?


My first memories are of coming across Rygal and his townspeople fleeing north. Curious, I followed from a distance, clinging to the shadows. My child-like innocence and mentality drew me to their group. Rygal’s folk would occasionally see glimpses of me, and cry in alarm. Rumors spread amongst his folk of the Donk stalking them, looking for the weak or naughty to feed upon. Listening to the whispers, as I followed them, I realized I was the Donk. This saddened me greatly.

Trying to overcome their misplaced trust, I tried to make peaceful gestures. I would creep ahead and remove obstacles in their path (move large boulders and uproot trees). I would leave small handmade trinkets made from twigs and other findings. Occasionally, a dead animal would be found with a broken neck or back along your path. Little did I know, that this was making things worse. All they could see, was the terrible destruction that the Donk had visited upon the area. The corpses that lay along their path was evidence of the cruel hand that I wielded. Their dread built, knowing that I was playing upon their fears.

One day Rygal’s folk were beset by true monsters, brigands whom the nobility had refused to deal with. They began harassing the simple townsfolk, taking them to be easy targets for their abuse. Seeing those whom I had tried to help out, coming under attack, I rushed in like protective dog. Heedless of any wounds I took, I bellowed and raged trying to protect your people from harm. After the short battle ended, I stood bloodied and shy in their midst. Looking slowly at all of the faces of those whom I had saved, I pointed at myself and uttered “Donk”. A brave young man walked towards me, standing before my looming form. He raised his hand towards his own chest, and pronounced himself to be Rygal.

Since then we have been boon companions. Wherever he leads, I follow.


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