Ambrian Wizard


Race: Human (Ambrian)
Traits: Privileged
Accurate 5, Cunning 14, Discreet 7, Persuasive 12
Quick 10, Resolute 15, Strong 7, Vigilant 10
Abilities: Alchemist (Novice), Loremaster (Novice), Mystical power: Brimstone Cascade (Novice), Ritualist (Flaming Servant), Wizardy (Adept), Medicus (Novice), Witchsight (Novice)
Boon: Cartographer
Weapons: Staff
Armor:Order Robes
Toughness: 10 Pain Threshold: 4
Shadow: The color of copper, hazy with sparks trailing from it.


The 5th child of a very minor noble family, Dragoi was born shortly before the end of the great War. He remembers little of the journey north,knowing only Ambria as a homeland with the dark forest forever looming on the horizon. He showed skill in wizardry and was sent to study with the order. His initial training complete, Dragoi has chosen to make the Davokar the focus of his further studies. Using what little money he could obtain from his family,he has traveled to Thistle Hold, renting 3 rooms at the Ruin, and has been seeking employment with an expedition.


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