Ambrian Ranger


Race: Human (Ambrian)
Traits: Privileged
Accurate 12, Cunning 5, Discreet 14, Persuasive 7
Quick 10, Resolute 10, Strong 7, Vigilant 15
Abilities: Man at Arms (novice), Marksman (novice), Sixth Sense (adept)
Weapons: ?
Armor: ?
Defense: ?
Toughness: 10 Pain Threshold: 4
Equipment: ?
Shadow: ?


Saw the Queen in battle once and now fiercely loyal. Determined to prove himself worthy, but concerned he is not refined enough to live up to her standards. Grew up in a noble house, but as a third son, so always the underdog and rebel. Struggled with book learning, but a natural hunter. Chip on his shoulder to earn his place, wherever and whatever that place is. Somewhat gullible and naive.


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