Ambrian Captain


Race: Human (Ambrian)
Traits: Contacts
Accurate 10, Cunning 5, Discreet 7, Persuasive 13
Quick 11, Resolute 10, Strong 15, Vigilant 9
Abilities: Dominate (novice), Leader (novice), Man at Arms (novice), Recovery (novice), Shield Fighter (novice)
Weapons: Sword 1d10, Dagger 1d8
Armor: Medium 1d8+2 (Impeding)
Defense: 8
Toughness: 15 Pain Threshold: 8
Equipment: ?
Shadow: Bronze


All the men of my village in Alberetor fought with the young Queen and were killed. When the desolation of the Dark Lords drove those of us left north it was only the Boys and older girls who defend out people. We saw Nobles ride past us north, none stopped to help us or defend us from attacks.

Contacts – the other boys and girls who fought with me to defend our people as we fled north
Leader – being big, leadership in fighting fell on my shoulders

Goals – Never rely on nobility to do the right thing for the little people, work hard to ensure I, my family (mother and brothers/sisters) and friends are self sufficient.


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