Symbaroum - Atlas of Secrets

Session 4 - The Line of Wisdom


The Ordo Magica received word from a member operating out of Karo’s Fen of information seemingly related to The Watchful Eye. The wizard Sekiva learned of a large three-eyed statue in The Marshes from a barbarian willing to speak of such matters. The players were hired by Eufrynda to investigate.

Choosing a safe route, their travels took them east across the core of Ambria’s rolling landscape towards the town of Kastor. Spending the night in the Rusty Dragon, their tales of exploration in Davokar brought quite a crowd, and drinks were free. Dragoi learned a little bit of the town’s folklore before they headed towards the river Doudram.

Following the winding Doudram north the players once again found themselves in the forest of Davokar. Skirting the marshland as best they could, their path eventually brought them to the trade colony of Karo’s Fen and their contacts there.

Dragoi met with the changeling wizard Sekiva in the alchemical Ordo tower on the outskirts of town. A meeting was arranged with the barbarian Taramon who would be leading them into the swamp. At the designated hour, all parties met at The Crossed Candles where they learned of their route and the basics of the statue. A round of “Karo’s Special” was brought to the table, where Taramon goaded as many as he could into sampling the overly spicy crawdad dish. Only Donk and Dragoi rose to the challenge, the latter regretting his decision after a few bites.

The next day, all five persons headed out in Taramon’s flat bottom boat. They quickly found themselves engulfed in the blackness of the swamp, and its cacophony of sounds. Spontaneous flames from marsh gas seemed to be the most concerning, and extra care was taken to avoid the hazard. Etterherd spiders from the hanging moss was harder to avoid, although they proved to be only an annoyance.

Setting up camp on a strip of solid ground, Kristomei’s watchful eyes were alerted to dancing frostlights making their way towards the camp. The cold touch of death they offered woke those still sleeping and combat afterward was quick and decisive. Much of Rygal’s heat was sucked from him, and thankfully Dragoi was able to provide medical care to such unique wounds.

On the second day, they party reached the statue ruin, two stories tall, and leaning ominously in the marsh. Donk, Rygal, and Dragoi made their way into the base of the structure, where Symbaroum cuneiform drew their attention. Kristomei setup watch from the statue itself, and was startled by the sudden sounds of a crying human baby. This proved to be a ruse though, and four arrows were required to put down the dangerous dragon fly that assaulted him.

Finding nothing beyond knowledge in the form of a language they couldn’t translate, the explorers returned to Karo’s Fen with rubbings and a plaque in hopes of learning more. Sekiva and Dragoi worked to translate the Symbaroum words, and learned that the statue honored the birthplace of an astronomer by the name of Ilu-Kassat. They also found references to the Observatory of Kemish. More troubling though, they learned that some of the cuneiform was added after the original creation, and those symbols translated to what was believed to say “In the reign of knowledge, the line of wisdom ends.”

Working from this information, and utilizing the magic circle connection back to Thistle Hold, the Ordo Magica was able to piece together snippets of information previously thought to be unrelated. This work helped draw a rough location of the Observatory of Kemish in the foothills of The Ravens, north of the late in eastern Davokar.

The relative calm of Karo’s Fen was broken by a loud explosion, as several of them fire-oil shipments waiting to be loaded onto river boats were set alight. Soon, other fires started throughout the city, just as arrows started to fall. The Iron Pact had moved against the colony.



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